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About Us

Rebecca Feeney Doherty is a senior U.S. District Court Judge and former teacher. Every day since her grandchildren were born, she has read them a good night story, and she wanted to create the perfect book for their shared nightly journey—one that invites all to visit a magical kingdom, populated by endearing creatures who share gentle life lessons and inspire the unlimited possibilities of the imagination.

Margaret David Laborde is a practicing attorney in the Lafayette office of Jones Walker LLP. It is Margaret’s genuine belief that the words we choose to describe ourselves and our world shape our behavior and, ultimately, our lives. This core belief was lovingly woven throughout From A to Zoot to gently encourage positive thinking and an appreciation for the beauty and wonder all around us.

Paul Kalil Roach is a gifted young artist from New Orleans, Louisiana, and has chosen to hone his skills in studio art at Loyola University. Paul has captured the wonderful whimsy of imagination and brought it to life on the printed page.


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