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A letter from the authors:

To Our Dear Visitors, Readers, and Parents,

We first conceived of the “zootsnoot” idea in 2014. Initially, we planned a simple alphabet book with the zootsnoot hiding on each page. About 2 years ago, the book took a major turn. We believe in the power of words, and realized that we had a unique opportunity with our zootsnoot concept to encourage optimism, positivity and self-confidence. As our book has evolved, the zootsnoot takes the reader on a journey through the Land of Zoot to meet his friends, each of whom represents a different letter of the alphabet and embodies a positive message or thought. The book is optimistic and positive in every detail and is designed to motivate, inspire, spark the imagination, and provide gentle life lessons. We think the unique concept of the zootsnoot and Land of Zoot will provide a new and entertaining way for children to learn about the world, and we hope to further develop the “zootsnoot” character brand into a learning platform to educate its readers while promoting civility, goodwill and positive thinking.

Welcome to the Land of Zoot!

All the best,
Margaret and Rebecca